How you go about it

This toolkit will help you engage effectively with your communities.

The tools are based on the successful ‘Everyday People, Everyday Rights’ projects, conducted by the Commission and key stakeholders in the City of Yarra and the City of Hume. The original Everyday People Everyday Rights website contains homegrown stories from residents and workers of the City of Yarra and their experiences of discrimination. It also outlines practical ways of dealing with challenges and provides some more background for the project.

These projects were a successful ‘umbrella process’ for a variety of initiatives involving consultation, research and communications that saw individual community members and community groups talking rights in the context of their everyday lives and local communities and services.

The tools support the various ‘best practice’ components of the ‘Everyday People, Everyday Rights’ projects and give councils and local communities a useful framework to follow and a series of activities to undertake.