Everyday People Everyday Rights Toolkit

Welcome to the Everyday People, Everyday Rights Toolkit for local councils and community organisations. Local councils work closely with the Victorian community every day, and have a unique role in upholding human rights in Victoria.

This kit comprises a range of practical tools to help local governments effectively engage with their communities on human rights. It will help local councils:

  • talk with their communities about important human rights issues
  • increase participation
  • improve service delivery
  • meet their obligations under Victoria’s human rights laws.

For maximum impact, we recommend working through the full suite of tools – a set of tried and tested techniques that work together in sequence and can be adapted to suit your needs.

To begin, use Tool 1: Taking your human rights temperature. This tool will help you work out your ‘temperature’ and highlight the tools most pertinent to you (see 'How it all Works’).

This toolkit is based on successful strategies used in the Everyday People, Everyday Rights projects in the City of Hume and the City of Yarra (link to Background here). It is only one approach to community engagement on human rights – you'll find more ideas and inspiration in the ‘Community Engagement Toolbox’.

For more information or assistance, or to provide feedback, please contact us the Commission.